Newsletter March 4, 2018


The Cleansing of Unwanted American Immigrants

March 4, 2018

by Christian Jürs

With the collapsing of the world’s economic bubble, the rising world-wide unemployment rates, and the financial threats to the economic security of the world’s middle classes (the backbone of modern society) there is a rising tide of extreme frustration and growing, unfocused, anger evident in all civilized countries.

Eric Hoffer said it best in his book on mass movements: When there is economic disaster, minorities suffer. And to the economic woes of the Western world, we can add the rapid population increase, the changing global weather patterns, the shrinking supplies of fresh water and, most important, food stuffs.

All of this was seen by Malthus and his late 18th century study on population should be read by more people.

Given all of these factors, the slow but sure, and increasing, growth of what, for want of a better term, can be called the Anti-Immigrant movement, is causing great fright in most Western governments. The last things governments want is racial scapegoating because it is inherently violent and destructive in nature and if it erupts, all kinds of unpleasant social violence can easily be spawned from it.

It is this deep-seated emotion that took over the French Revolution and the Terror was a direct result of the eruption, which started as a desire of equality from the middle class of France but ended in orgy of death and destruction on the part of the very poor and hopeless.

In both the United States and Europe, prolonged economic depression, loss of hope for the future and growing unemployment are fueling a blind, and potentially very dangerous, victimization of identifiable unassimilated foreigners. America has about 30 million illegal immigrants inside her borders, the great bulk of whom are recipients of government welfare, welfare that the citizens see as their right, not the right of illegal foreigners. And Europe has been overrun with an immense flood of peoples from Third World countries, mostly Arabic Muslims but also many blacks from Africa and the West Indies.

These immigrants, legal and illegal, do not assimilate into the culture of their host countries and become hostile towards their hosts, jealous of their possessions and destructive of their institutions. We recently saw an eruption of civic violence in England which was instituted by black immigrants, demanding more and more public money. The media very carefully papered over this wave of arson and looting by calling the perpetrators “dissatisfied young people.” Their status as immigrants and their color was never mentioned. When the fanatic in Norway shot nearly a hundred young campers at a liberal summer camp to death, in this case as well, the media did not mention that he shot dark-skinned people.

In Eire, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Sweden, there are large numbers of dark skinned and growingly unwanted inhabitants and they are very rapidly becoming the targets of nationalists and conservative action groups.

The report mentioned at the head of this commentary deals with an organization based in the United States that raises very large sums of money which are used exclusively to fund the various global right-wing Anti-immigrant groups.

This organization is called the ‘WAF’ and is ostensibly a forum for collectors of militaria such as military orders and decorations and other objects dealing with heroism in battle. Although many of the members are interested in, and collect, such diverse areas as Napoleonic, American Civil War and Imperial Russia, the majority of the members collect German military items.

It now appears, as the work of a French-based investigative journalist has uncovered, that the real motivation behind this WAF group is to raise money for the funding of worldwide extremist anti-Muslim, anti-Latino and anti-Black immigrant groups.

The funding is raised by the manufacture and sale of very, very expensive German World War II militaria rare “personality” pieces such as Adolf Hitler or Hermann Goering possessions as well as bejeweled orders and decorations, rare ceremonial daggers and swords, embroidered military standards and other valuable, and expensive, historical items. As an example, a thoroughly counterfeit fancy, jewel-studded leather case and parchment document for a very top military decoration allegedly presented to Hermann Goering was sold to an unsuspecting Chinese collector for one million dollars in cash. The same sum was paid by an American collector who thought he was purchasing a hand-written diary of Adolf Hitler’s’.

The WAF, which acts as a fund-raiser and front for the Anti-immigration groups, is owned by a George Petersen and a Craig Gottlieb. Mr. Petersen, according to our information, is a published expert on German militaria and runs a commercial business in northern Virginia catering to military collectors. He lives in Georgetown and, among other negative information, is wanted for questioning by the Russian government because of alleged thefts of very rare items of militaria from their military museum in Moscow.

It appears that Mr. Petersen and his co-owner, also a dealer in very expensive militaria, use this WAF as a front and that many of the collecting fraternity who have joined its ranks are totally unaware that they are serving as a respectable front for a money laundering scheme of considerable scope.

That the burgeoning Anti-immigration groups, both in the United States and the EU benefit from the infusion of large amounts of money is beyond doubt. It is also evident that many of the target countries law enforcement agencies are not aware of how these small groups can be so well funded for their increasingly violent activities.”

Recently under discussion here has been a series of observations about the methodology of equipping and funding disparate militant far-right groups in the EU whose main aim is the physical expulsion of all Muslim immigrants in a number of countries. Chief among these are Eire, France, Germany, the UK and Sweden. It appears that these groups, and corresponding American groups of the same persuasion, are basically funded with monies obtained by the sale of very expensive items of German militaria that have been manufactured in China with the specific intent to deceive. The sums involved run into the millions of dollars.

The basic facilitator of this is one George A. Petersen who has a front organization called the National Capital Historical firm of Springfield, Virginia. This entity operates out of a drop box and has no telephone answering system because Petersen spends most of his time in travel.

George A. Petersen was born in 1945., He served in the US Army from 1964 to 1967 as a Spec 4 with a 111 B Light Weapons MOS. He was a member of “B” Company, 3rd Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), The US Army’s Honor Guard, in Washington, D.C. (Fort Meyer, VA) and with the 765th Security Platoon in Vung Tau Airfield, Republic of Vietnam, December 1965 through December of 1966, as an Operations and Security Specialist. Following his career with the U.S. Army, Petersen was heavily involved with the CIA in the purchase, shipping and distribution of automatic weaponry used in foreign civil insurgency. In 1979, Petersen formed NCHS, Inc.

Using his re-enactor business as a front, Petersen, through his Hong Kong middleman, Mr Chen, has purchased over five thousand Chinese rip-off copies of a light-weight shoulder-held German rocket projector, and tens of thousands of rounds of rocket ammunition.

This is based on the late Second World War German weapon called the 2 cm Luftfaust which was designed to shoot down low flying aircraft or, in current times, helicopters. The piece, as made today in China, is 1308 mm overall. There are nine 2 cm rocket tubes and the shoulder-held weapon is designed to fire two and five salvos of rockets, 0.2 second apart. The full range of the projectiles is 2000 meters and the effective and practical range is 500 meters. The rocket projector weighs in at 6.6 kilograms.,

These weapons are painted with German wartime colors and are marked as “non-firing replicas for military re-enactors”

The shipment of these light weight weapons and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition, were shipped from Nanjing, China by container ship to the ports of Antwerp and Stockholm by an old but still entirely viable CIA shipping route known to Petersen from his days of employment as a firearms specialist with Nelson and Cummings also of the CIA. .

A mass of very concrete evidence shows that Petersen and his cohourts have been arming dangerous anti-Muslim militant groups inside the EU (Eire, the UK, France, Germany and Sweden). It should be obvious that if a well-armed group, say in Uppsala, rose up against the Muslims and physically attacked them, the Swedish government would have to call out, first the local police and then, if they were unable to restore order, the Swedish Army.

And a restive pubic would either hide in their basements or come out as vigilante groups. This is what happened in London during the recent black riots. Once the locals, mostly workers, armed themselves with clubs and other weapons and formed local defense groups, they were passive defenders in the beginning but then decided to go over to the attack. Then, and only then, did the police start cracking down on the gentlemen of the coloured persuasion. Petersen made many trips to Russia and was later accused by Russian authorities of improperly removing “valuable nazi flags, standards and other valuable historical items from the Anti-Fascist Museum, Moscow and the Central Armed Forces Museum (Moscow, Russian Republic)

Petersen has contributed many pictures of historical militaria, many of questionable authenticity for the Time-Life series, ‘The Third Reich’, published between 1980 and 1990 He is well-known in government, military and intelligence circles.