A Trump Report

Trump Negatvity

The rampant corruption of Donald Trump, his family, and his administration surpasses anything in our nation’s history. Since taking office, Trump has violated the Constitution by profiting off the presidency and allowing the open influence of foreign governments. He spent a third of his first year in office at his private properties. The legacy of his understaffed, unqualified government will be marked by gross displays of nepotism, cronyism, scandal, and failed promises. And as special counsel Robert Mueller delves deeper into Trump’s sordid history as a failed businessman, his past business practices, partnerships, and connections to organized crime may shed light on our president’s unsettling relationship with Russia

There have been documented cases of money laundering across numerous Trump properties:

  • Trump condo sales that show signs of money laundering total $1.5 billion.
  • In Panama, Trump convinced the investment bank Bear Stearns to issue a bond based on pre-sales of units, many of which were sold to Russian gangsters.
  • His Taj Mahal casino violated 106 anti-money laundering laws in its first year and a half of operation!

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has expressed concern over Trump’s connections to money laundering. “If the Russians were laundering money” through the Trump Organization, he said, “that would be a very powerful lever the Russians would have over the president of the United States.”

For his complicity in these financial crimes, or even his knowledge, Trump could be blackmailed. Or perhaps he already has been. His vulnerability begs the question: Who is he really working for?

There is an in-house rumor that Trump wants the CIA to start planting containers of poisoned water along the US side of the Mexican border to kill off illegal border-crossers. He is reported as saying ”If I can’t get the wall, I’ll find another way to keep the trash out of America.” Isn’t that a wonderful thing to hear from our President? What will be next? Issue baseball bats to thump on the stomachs of pregnant women?”

There is a lengthy report by the German State Attorney’s office about activities at the Deutsche Bank.

They were strongly influenced by Russian drug smugglers who used them to launder and channel illegal monies to the United States.

There is no question Trump was probably the most significant person involved in assisting these people and an FBI person told me that a major Russian heroin ring operated in his apartment complex.

I should also note that Russian intelligence was not involved in this activity but was fully aware of it and, true to form, used their information about money laundering to blackmail Trump into doing what Russian intelligence wanted.

This information is taken directly from a German law enforcement file on their investigation into illegal money laundering through the Deutsche Bank.

The file, in German, runs to about 100 pages and is very detailed. It includes specific information on money-laundering for drug dealers on the part of Donald Trump (and his associates.)

There is a recurrent rumor, rife now inside the Beltway, that Trump’s lawyers have approached the DEA people relative to informing them of Trump’s first-hand knowledge of Russian drug money laundering. This action would serve to negate growing attempts to impeach him.

Should the drug dealers get wind of this volte face, we might assume that they would be extremtly displeased and perhaps negatively motivated.


Note:The current American President is directly descended from the German Trumpf family. His ancestor in the direct line, was Johannes Trump(f), a native of the village of Kallstadt.

The same Trumpf family also produced one Arnold Wilhelm August Trumpf.

Arnold Trumpf was Vorstand Reichsverband Deutscher Landwirtschaftlicher Genossenschaften-Raiffensene.V and Hauptabteilungsleiter III of the Reichsnahrstand, Allegemeine SS since 1934.

This Trumpf was also a director of the Reichsbank.

SS background of Arnold Trumpf:

SS-Oberführer / Leutnant d.R. a.D.

Born: 27. Oct. 1892 in Gifhorn

Died: 7. January 1985 in Garmish-Partenkirchen

NSDAP-Nr.: 389 920 from 1, December 1930

SS-Nr.: 187 119


 SS-Oberfuhrer: 30. Jan. 1939


 Bei dem RuS-Hauptamt: (9. Nov. 1944)

Decorations & Awards:

1914 Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse

 Kriegsverdienstkreuz II. Klasse ohne Schwerter

 Verwundetenabzeichen, 1918 in Schwarz

 Ehrenkreuz fur Frontkampfer

 Ehrendegen des RF SS

 Totenkopfring der SS

The RuSHA was founded in 1931 by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler

Among their duties were:

  • Kidnapping of children suitable for Germanization
  • Population transfers
  • The persecution and liquidation of JewsThe RuSHA also employed Josef Mengele from November 1940 to early 1941, in Department II of its Family Office, where he was responsible for “care of genetic health” and “genetic health tests”
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