Newsletter March 31, 2018

Christ and the Anti-Christ

The nationalistic Zionist movement does not have a great body of historical supportive material so, like the early Christians, they have simply invented it. These fictions include, but certainly are not limited to, “The Painted Bird” by Kosinski, (later admitted by its author to be an invented fraud before his suicide, ) and “Fragments” by “Binjimin Wilkomersky” ( A Swiss Protestant named Bruno Dossecker who was born in 1944) that is mostly copied from the Kosinski book and consists of ‘recovered memory,’ and of course the highly-propagandized favorite “Anne Frank Diary” which was proven, beyond a doubt, by the German BKA(Bundes Kriminal Amt, an official German forensic agency) as a forgery, made circa 1949 (ball point ink was used on paper made after 1948 and the handwriting completely different from the original Frank girl’s school papers still extant) Continue reading “Newsletter March 31, 2018”

Newsletter March 20, 2018

Frantic rescue attempts for Donald Trump’s indiscretions

On 4 March 2018, it is alleged that Sergei Viktorovich Skripal, a former Russian intelligence officer who secretly worked for, and was well paid by, British intelligence, and his daughter Yulia were poisoned in Salisbury, England, allegedly with a “Novichok nerve agent.” Continue reading “Newsletter March 20, 2018”

Newsletter March 4, 2018


The Cleansing of Unwanted American Immigrants

March 4, 2018

by Christian Jürs

With the collapsing of the world’s economic bubble, the rising world-wide unemployment rates, and the financial threats to the economic security of the world’s middle classes (the backbone of modern society) there is a rising tide of extreme frustration and growing, unfocused, anger evident in all civilized countries.

Eric Hoffer said it best in his book on mass movements: When there is economic disaster, minorities suffer. And to the economic woes of the Western world, we can add the rapid population increase, the changing global weather patterns, the shrinking supplies of fresh water and, most important, food stuffs. Continue reading “Newsletter March 4, 2018”

Newsletter March 1, 2018


Executive Summary

At no time since the formation of the Western alliance system in 1949 have the shape and nature of international alignments been in such a state of flux. The end of the Cold War shifted the tectonic plates, but the repercussions from these momentous events are still unfolding. Emerging powers in Asia, retrenchment in Eurasia, a roiling Middle East, and transatlantic divisions are among the issues that have only come to a head in recent years. The very magnitude and speed of change resulting from a globalizing world—apart from its precise character—will be a defining feature of the world out to 2020. Other significant characteristics include: the rise of new powers, new challenges to governance, and a more pervasive sense of insecurity, including terrorism. Continue reading “Newsletter March 1, 2018”