Report on Pedophilia by Governance

It is very well known inside the Beltway (District of Columbia) that the so-called ‘Orange Revolution’ in the Ukraine was a quintessential CIA operation.

It was designed to kick out the pro-Russian element of the government and replace them with CIA-friendly people. Continue reading “Report on Pedophilia by Governance”

Murderous Manipulations

In the great flood of private emails from, and to, the leadership of the Democratic National Committee, there are very important points raised that have been buried in the mass of paperwork. Also, there are many additional postings from the WikiLeaks people that supplement these messages. Here are several that show the connection between the Clinton people and the highly manipulative and demanding billionaire Hungarian-born George Soros. One of the messages is extremely important and dangerous in its implications of remote control murder and the suggested release of deadly viruses on an unsuspecting population.

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Report on the Nazi movement in the United States

The United States is rapidly approaching devastating social and economic problems.  The United States Government is desperate to avoid a reprise of the social chaos of the Vietnam years which such social and economic problems are sure to unleash. Continue reading “Report on the Nazi movement in the United States”