Report on the Nazi movement in the United States

The United States is rapidly approaching devastating social and economic problems.  The United States Government is desperate to avoid a reprise of the social chaos of the Vietnam years which such social and economic problems are sure to unleash.

Mr. Trump’s election has polarized the attitudes between the so called Alt-right and Anti-Fa movements.  These movements play into the hands of upper echelon American political manipulators.

This report was compiled by German Intelligence concerning these problems and addresses the plot by the highest levels of Government to arm very dangerous, neo-nazi groups in the United States with weapons smuggled into the US by China.

By causing this potential violence, the manipulators intend to use the American military to take over unstable areas in order to ‘establish law and order’ while in reality, they will use martial law to firm up their basic control over a potentially fractious public.  It is then intended to incorporate these organized, far right para-military groups into a sort of domestic Federal police force to ensure further right-wing control of the country.

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