Of Special Note to Those with Interest in Militaria



Given the long-running stories about the evils of the conservative Third Reich, it is interesting to note that there has sprung up a large, and very profitable, business in the manufacture, merchandising and sale of relics from this period.
This has become a million-dollar business.
There are many collectors who are not interested in politics but collect militaria such as medals and decorations, side arms such as bayonets and daggers and other legitimate collectables.
Other collectors have an interest in the American Civil War or Napoleonic France so if a person, let us say, collects military steel helmets, this does not mean that he has any interest in local politics in Germany.
The market in fakes is truly astonishing and I have assembled thick files on counterfeit German militaria.
This appears in an ebook entitled ‘The Counterfeit Swastika’
This first volume has 145 pages, 50 of which have many full-color and very accurate pictures of very expensive fakes.
Also included are links to many manufacturers of fakes so that a curious, or cautious, collector can check for themselves to see if a glittering relic is being made, cheaply, in Poland, Pakistan or China.
This is the first volume of three, designed to educate and inform.

The Counterfeit Swastika

 A history of Fake Nazi Relics

By Christian Jürs

Volume I


Table of Contents

The Creation of Frauds
Edged Weapons
Uniforms Headgear and Helmets
Orders and Decoratins and the Schloss Klessheim Fraud
Adolf Hitler The Blacklight
Reference Books and Other Matters
Auction Houses Miscellaneous
The Grand Cross of the Iron Cross Presentation Document Fraud
Fake Hitler Painting: Puff Pieces in the Media
The SS Honor Ring Fakes
The Röhm-signed SA and SS Daggers.
The Adolf Hitler Walther Pistol Fraud
Fake Allach Porcelain
The  Combined Pilot/Observer Badge with Diamonds Fakes
The SA-Feldherrnhalle Leader’s Dagger: Original and Fake
Examples of rare copy insignia
Fake Hitler Ehrenbüger certificates
The Fake Adolf Hitler Brownshirt and Cap
A Sampling of the manufacturers of Third Reich replicas
RZM Contract Numbers for Daggers and Edged Weapons
Reproducton SS Cufftitles
The U-Boat Visored  commander’s caps on order
The Marshal’s Baton Line of Replica Field Marshal Batons




           There are no known photographs of Otto Skorzeny wearing the Honorary Pilot-Observer Badge with Diamonds awarded to him by Reichsmarshall Hermann Göring after the rescue of Benito Mussolini from Gran Sasso in September 1943. However, the badge and document pictured above are fakes. But this has not prevented three major auction houses in the US and Europe from selling this ensemble to gullible buyers for high sums, the most recent price being around $120,000.